With Thanks

by Laura Mardon

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released November 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Laura Mardon Australia

Softly spoken Australian folk-punk songwriter.

Download the debut album on Joey Cape's record label One Week Records: www.oneweekrecords.com

I'm really nice and I like playing shows.

"folks music"
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Track Name: Visiting Hours
Visiting hours are never enough, its the time in between where I hurt the most.
With a medicinal scent and the thoughts in my head,
on my own.
As you're asleep in our bed, my side is as cold as a ghost.

Tangled and tied in a dress of wires and tubes.
As a nurse tries to ease me, her soft voice says
"You're not leaving here any time soon"
That medicinal scent, it takes over my head and consumes.
As you're asleep in our bed, I'm dreaming of being there too

Because hospitals are like hotels I cannot stand,
and this sickness is like a holiday I've never planned.

The ambulance will be here soon,
I hear the sirens dance through the architecture of this town
Calls through international dials promise I will be fine
in a midnight hour.
Lights whirl around me, Accident and Emergency rooms
as machines buzz around me hissing an ungodly tune.

Take these drips from my veins,
Oh I'd stand the pain if I could leave right now...
Track Name: Falling, Fallen
Did I see you at the Occupation, hung out of the window,
The sun shone on your face while you smoked your cigarette.
Painted banners waved in the wind,
the smoke whirled in and out of them
you said you're not coming down until all demands are met.
I smiled and shouted up to you;
"Maybe, when you're done, you could hold my hand and maybe we would fall in love"
I'll bring my tape deck and you bring what you want,
I heard you don't like Punk Rock, maybe I could play some songs.
I could bore you to death with demo's and bootlegs
of this one song I love, it picks me up when I'm done.
But I don't listen to it much now since you come along,
I know its only June and Summer has just begun
but I'm falling, fallen for you,
So please catch me, catch me I'm caught.
and through the Summer storms I'd wait for you;
when the Autumn leaves come until they fall,
I will be falling, fallen for you,
please catch me, catch me I'm yours.
Track Name: Hail! Hail! The Dead Can Dance
God damn, I've never seen a scene so dead,
You made a promise to yourself before you let the door slam
you felt sorry for yourself, said "I can't cut it here, I got fuck all left"
And I know how you feel because I have been in those shoes.

But we can go to the basements,
where the bass and the kick drums shake the foundations
where kids in leather scream
"World annihilation from the depths of the squats to the occupation"
Smoke and bone will start to pulsate
as Sugar Skull folklore starts to mutate
into the ghosts of mohawks and villians sing
Hail! Hail! The dead can dance

You see back in the day, when I got paid
it would all go one getting fucked up or laid
and yes, I know I'm a girl but you should never slut shame,
that is not becoming of you
See the scene was sold out for money and fame
the squats shut down and the faces changed
the abandon warehouses were used for commercial raves
and the D.I.Y movement was used for profit and gain.